Keep more of your gains when you sell your Coinbase shares.

Valur's tax planning tools are tailor made for companies that have recently gone public. We're already working with Coinbase shareholders and employees to capture additional returns of 40% or more.

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Coinbase Shareholders Can Earn Additional Returns of 40% Or More With Valur

A Coinbase shareholder with 10,000 shares of stock who sells for $240 per share could earn an extra $5,025,000 over her lifetime with a Valur charitable trust, an additional return of 49%.

Check out the calculator below to see your own potential savings.

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Charitable Remainder Trusts: A More Flexible IRA

For most Coinbase employees -- and most people with highly appreciated equity -- a Charitable Remainder Trust is a great fit. It's like a more user friendly IRA.
Longstanding legal structure codified in the federal Internal Revenue Code and vetted by generations of lawyers and accountants
Like an IRA, a CRT lets your money grow tax free. Those tax savings compound over time, resulting in 40% greater gains on average
Unlike an IRA, there's no cap on contributions to a CRT, and you have more control over when you pull your money out

How Do Charitable Remainder Trusts Work?

Charitable Remainder Trusts are a common tax-deferred account – like an IRA on steroids. You put your highly appreciated assets into a CRT, and you pay no taxes – state or federal – when you sell, so your money can compound tax free for 20 years or more.

Valur Is Built for Companies Like Coinbase

The tool that's the best fit for most startup equity -- the Charitable Remainder Trust -- is a time-tested tool for maximizing returns and minimizing your taxes on assets that have appreciated significantly, like Coinbase shares.
Charitable Remainder Trusts work even after a company's IPO, as long as you start tax planning before you sell your shares.
We're working with Coinbase shareholders to plan for their sale right now. That means the process will be extra efficient for others. If you get started today, we'll be able to finalize your tax plan quickly, leaving you with flexibility to time your sale.

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