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Valur allows advisors and their clients to identify, understand and implement tax and estate-planning to create more wealth


Add value

Valur makes it simple to solve for your clients' tax-planning needs.

As the markets continue to create new wealth every day and the tax environment grows more complex, advisors are being pushed to help their clients make sense of these changes and create more value for their clients. Valur helps reduce your clients taxes to strengthen their portfolios and most critically helps you invest in your most important asset: Your relationships.

Why Valur?

How Valur can save your clients money

An accounting notebook representing Valur's low-fee pricing model
Demonstrate value
The returns from tax planning are large and concrete. Valur allows advisors to show that value — their value — in compelling ways.
Simplify the process
Valur works with advisors to create a seamless consistent onboarding experience in less than a day.
Differentiate your practice
Valur's decision engine and tax planning reports help you demonstrate the value of working with you.


We enable advisors of all sizes to bring value to their clients through efficient tax planning


Our advisor partners each manage between $20 million and $1 billion+


We work with advisors that range from solo shops to 300-advisor firms


Our tools are built to help you succeed


Leverage our deep content library to ensure that your clients know and understand their options. From structure overviews to case studies to articles on the minutiae of trust accounting and administration, we leave no question unanswered.
Financial advisor tools, capital gains, and security
Financial advisor tools, capital gains, and security


Start with our easy-to-use online calculators, customizable scenario planning and personalized planning reports to help clients understand the benefits of tax and estate planning and deepen your client relationship.


Take your clients from idea to execution — legal documents in hand and assets transferred — in as little as 30 minutes with our fully integrated onboarding platform. Onboarding is a breeze, and our smart decision engine, which helps you and your clients identify the right specific strategy, is built into the process.
Financial advisor tools, capital gains, and security
Financial advisor tools, capital gains, and security


Valur handles account administration while you do what you do best: financial planning. At the same time, our systems are built to work closely with yours so we can work together to optimize your investment process for your clients.

Keep more of what you earn.

Valur works with founders, employees, and investors to craft a comprehensive tax plan that will help preserve more of your big exit, carry, and other gains.


We take you and your client from idea to implementation and beyond

Simple, holistic strategy
Use our materials to identify potential planning opportunities.
Intuitive materials
Use our reporting to get client buy in and showcase your value.
The right plan
Use our tools to choose the right strategy and get the details down.
Simple onboarding
Our onboarding platform takes you from strategy to legal document.
Identify opportunities
We monitor your details to surface lucrative planning opportunities.
We take it from there
We handle trust administration. You focus on your clients' money.

Work with us

Use Valur the way that works for you

We make it easy to integrate our calculators, knowledge library, decision engine, and trust-formation platform into your offers to capture the resulting revenue. Get started in minutes.
Startup employees doing pair programming
With our fully white labeled platform, you can offer clients and prospects access to all of our tools, under your name and logo so you can demonstrate your value and own the relationship from beginning to end.
Startup employees doing pair programming

Tax Savings

By planning ahead for your exit, stock or crypto sale, or other liquidity event, and using simple trust structures, we can help you reduce your tax burden by up to 40%.

Here to Help

Tax planning can be complicated. We combine technology and our years of experience to make the process simple, seamless, and accessible.

For the Future

We're in this for the long haul. After we set up your trust, we’ll help you craft a financial plan to maximize your long-term returns, and we'll even handle all of the ongoing administrative hassles.

Seamless, simple, and fast federal and state tax planning
Proactive, tech-enabled planning eliminates expensive professionals
Our lawyer-vetted strategies can help you keep 40% more
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Client interest in tax and estate mitigation is at an all-time high. As a result, advisors have an opportunity to differentiate themselves as individuals and families seek sophisticated planning opportunities beyond 401(k)s, IRAs, and taxable accounts. Contact us here to see how we can help you.

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I knew I should be thinking about tax planning as my company grew, and it was stressing me out. Valur made it quick and simple.

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