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The Valur Process

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First things first, we’ll need to determine which tax planning structure is right for you. Maybe you have shares from a company you founded. Maybe you’re an angel investor, or an early employee. Maybe you have some brokerage accounts or a few Bitcoin. Maybe it’s all of the above. Everyone’s situation is different, so we’ll take the time to make sure we understand the nuances. Our certified tax experts will answer any questions you have, and we even have lawyers around if you need them.
We set things up and handle the day to day
This part sounds daunting, but it's not complicated. We'll collect the information we need from you, automatically populate the required legal forms, and help you transfer your assets to the trust. Using our proprietary tracking tools, we'll also make sure you're taking the steps needed to optimize for new assets and other changed circumstances. And we'll even handle the ongoing administrative requirements, including tax reporting and trust compliance.
We work with you to manage your assets for long-term growth
Working with us to minimize your taxes is the single most important thing you can do today to grow your wealth. After all, we can save you enough on your taxes at a liquidity event to earn you an extra 1 or 2 percent in returns every year. From there, let the miracle of compounding do the work. We'll collaborate with you to create a financial plan that ensures that your assets are growing meaningfully and that you and your family will have what you need for the long haul.






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