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CRUTs: A "Simple But Powerful Tool"

Charitable Remainder Trusts have been called "the most powerful--but simple--tool in the tax-planning toolbox." Learn more about how a CRT can help you.

CRUTs: Like A More Flexible IRA

Charitable Remainder Trusts may seem foreign, but they're actually very similar to a popular tax planning tool you're probably much more familiar with: the IRA...

CRUT Example: Startup Equity

An employee who expects a ~$5 million capital gain could stand to earn about $8 million more over her lifetime if she puts her shares into a Charitable Remainder Trust before she sells them.

CRUT Example: Secondary Sale

A founder or early employee planning for a $500,000 secondary sale could earn an extra $218,000 over a 20-year trust term if he put his shares into a Charitable Remainder Trust.

Comparing Charitable Remainder Trusts

We offer three types of Charitable Remainder Trust. Although everyone's preferences and circumstances are different, each CRUT can be a good fit for a particular..

Lifetime vs. Term CRUTs: The Tradeoffs

The advantages of a lifetime trust are simple: Trusts and tax planning are all about the magic of long-term tax deferral and compound growth. The longer your money grows tax free...

The NIMCRUT: How and Why It Works

Deferring payouts with a NIMCRUT allows you to defer taxes for longer and should lead to greater returns, by capturing the benefit of additional compounding.

The Standard CRUT: How It Works

A standard Charitable Remainder Unitrust is the most basic form of charitable remainder trust available. Like all of the CRUTs we offer, the standard CRUT is tax exempt...

The Flip CRUT: How and Why It Works

Life comes at you fast, and your financial needs may look very different today than they will a decade from now. We can work with you to ensure that your...

CRUTs: More Flexible Than You Think

One of the main concerns our clients have with Charitable Remainder Trusts is that their money could be locked up for longer than they'd like. But we have tools to help open up liquidity...

Which Assets Are A Good Fit for A CRUT?

To take advantage of the particular magic of the CRUT structure, it makes sense to fund your trust with assets that are likely to grow substantially in value relatively soon...

The Up-Front CRUT Tax Deduction

When you put assets into a Charitable Remainder Trust, you're entitled to an immediate tax deduction worth 10% of the value of the assets.

How Long Do Our Trusts Last?

You want to defer your taxes for as long as possible. But how long can a Charitable Remainder Unitrust last, and what are the benefits and risks of each strategy?

How Are CRUT Distributions Taxed?

Charitable trust accounting is complex. We handle everything, but understanding how your distributions will be taxed is key to seeing CRUTs' value.

Why CRUTs Have Higher Returns Than CRATs

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trusts and Charitable Remainder Unitrusts are valuable tax deferral tools. But CRUTs tend to be higher ROI with larger payouts over the length of the trust. We'll explain why.

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