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It's not too late. You can take advantage of the tax advantages of a Charitable Lead Trust even after you have sold an asset or received a bonus.

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It's never too late

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Fintech founder, Oakland, CA

Exit: $152,000,000
Tax Savings: $5,952,806 (federal), $11,209,520 (state)

Early-stage VC, Palo Alto, CA

Carry: $9,500,000
10-Year Tax Savings: $1,827,191

Bitcoin investor, New York, NY

5-Year Appreciation: $2,390,613
Tax Savings: $258,948

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Charitable Lead Trusts return an extra 25% on average.

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A second chance

A tax strategy for every situation -- even if you thought it was too late.

It's not always possible to plan for a big win. Maybe your crypto went to the moon and you wanted to make the responsible call and take some gains off the table. Maybe it didn't make sense to exercise your options years ago, and now the tax hit would be debilitating. Maybe you got a surprise secondary opportunity, or you just didn't know about your options. No matter. Charitable Lead Annuity Trusts are built for the real world. A CLAT can earn you a massive tax deduction today -- up to 100% of the value of your big gain -- in exchange for a tax donation far in the future. In the meantime, those tax savings will grow and compound, returning an additional 50% or more.

A big deduction today and the magic of compounding

A CLAT is a tax strategy that can help you reduce or eliminate your immediate tax bill on ordinary income, unexercised options, or crypto or startup shares that you’ve already sold. The way this works is that you put the resulting money into the CLAT, you make a small donation every year, and then you make a larger donation and receive a massive taxable distribution in the final year of the trust. You’ve basically backloaded your tax obligation, but, because of the way the IRS does the math, you get a huge deduction today, and those tax savings will grow and compound for years. So this is a way to completely offset the tax hit you’d otherwise be taking from your big win.

A good fit for crypto or shares you've already sold, ordinary income, and unexercised options

The key insight with a CLAT is that you can move money into the trust to offset income that would otherwise mean a big tax bill for you this year. If you sold crypto or startup shares, you're going to owe capital gains taxes. If you received a big bonus, or even just a large salary, you're going to be paying the higher ordinary income tax rate. If you exercise options, you're going to have to pay taxes on the difference between the grant price and the fair-market value when you exercise. In every case, your tax bill is going to be big. Move the resulting income into a CLAT, however, and you can write off as much as 100% of it, and, as a result, reduce your taxes to 0.

Unlimited contributions

With an IRA, you're limited to a contribution of $6,000 per year in most cases. But there's no limit on contributions to a Charitable Lead Annuity Trust, so you can protect as much or as little as you want. Typically, our users put enough assets into their CLAT to fully offset their windfall income -- and, therefore, reduce their taxes this year close to $0 -- but we'll help you decide the right strategy for you.

No up-front commitment. No up-front cost

Take your time learning about the tax-mitigation tools we offer, and then set up a trust. It'll be ready for when you decide it's time to sell your assets, and we won't charge you anything in the meantime. And if you decide you don't even want to use the trust, we'll dissolve it for free -- there's truly no downside to acting now.

Flexible liquidity

On their face, CLATs do present liquidity constraints: Your money is going to be locked in the trust until the end of the term, when you'll get to cash out whatever is left after your charitable donation. But we work with our financial institution partners to create liquidity where it otherwise wouldn't be: You can borrow against the future value of your CLAT payout, at historically low interest rates, all while continuing to take advantage of the tax benefits of the trust.

Simple approach

We win if you win

No up-front cost
Because we've automated the process of forming a tax-advantaged trust, we can set up your account for free, and we only start charging if you decide to move your assets in.
We make money if you do
Our interests are aligned: You'll also pay us 0.25% of the value of your trust assets every year, so our earnings only go up only if ours do. We're working for you.
Minimal fixed fees
Once you move assets into your trust, we charge a reasonable, fixed fee to cover the costs of administration, like annual filings, accounting, and asset custody.

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Simple pricing

No up-front cost. No commitment.

Sign up now, set up your tax-advantaged account, and start using it when you're ready. Our fees are straightforward: Pay nothing until you move assets into your trust. Then it starts at $1,500 + 0.25% per year.


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✅ Seamless management (trust filings, tax documents)

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✅ Tailored financial advising to maximize long-term growth

✅ Access to lending and other tools to maximize flexibility

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