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Whether you're planning for an exit or optimizing for long-term growth, we can help you increase your returns by 50% or more.

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Valur's singular goal: Help founders, employees, and investors keep more of their hard-earned gains.

We get it: taxes are complicated. That's why we make tools to simplify and streamline the tax-planning process. From picking the best strategy to handling the minutiae to helping you re-invest your savings, we'll be with you the whole way.


How can I maximize the value of my exit?

Founders have special tools at their disposal. We help you maximize your structural advantages to minimize your tax bill.
Startup founder planning for an exit or IPOValur for Founders

What can I do to minimize my tax exposure?

We employ state-of-the-art strategies to help you keep more when you sell secondaries or your company is acquired or IPOs.
Startup employees doing pair programmingValur for Employees
Crypto Investors

Can mainstream tax strategies help me?

Crypto investor celebrating a Bitcoin sale
We work with cryptocurrency investors to implement tried-and-true tax planning tools to allow their assets to grow more quickly.
Valur for Crypto

Let us help

We'll walk you through choosing a tax-advantaged plan

With our Guided Tax Planner, you can start from square one. We'll walk you through the key questions, point you to helpful resources, help you find the right tax-advantaged strategy for you.


Seamless and fast

No up-front cost, no hassle

See the benefits
User our free, custom-built tools to visualize the potential benefits of our tax-planning options.
Test the waters
Get started with a Valur Trust Account to begin the process, with no cost and no commitment.
Don't sweat the details
We'll handle everything, from drafting your trust to transferring your assets to managing your investments.

Right for you

Gains now. Taxes later.

Why pay taxes on your gains today when you can kick that can down the road? Our tax-planning trusts help you reinvest the money you'd otherwise pay in taxes to grow your nest egg faster and for longer.

Investor celebrating asset growth
Before your big win
Minimize your tax bill before you sell your assets and then reinvest your savings in startups, crypto, or whatever you like.
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Investor celebrating an exit and tax savings
After you've sold
Already sold your assets and realized too late that a big tax bill is coming? We can help you net a big deduction -- up to 100% of your income -- so you can reinvest your earnings.
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Fintech founder, Oakland, CA

Exit: $152,000,000
Tax Savings: $5,952,806 (federal), $11,209,520 (state)

Early-stage VC, Palo Alto, CA

Carry: $9,500,000
10-Year Tax Savings: $1,827,191

Bitcoin investor, New York, NY

5-Year Appreciation: $2,390,613
Tax Savings: $258,948

Valur has facilitated

$487 million in additional gains

$575 million promised to nonprofit organizations

with charitable trusts

CryptoStartup equityPublic stockAngel investmentsLP share

Unified platform

The tools you need to find the right plan. All in one place.

We bring together everything that's required to understand your potential gains from tax planning, choose a strategy, set up up your tax advantaged trust, and manage your trust over the long term.

Valur tax savings calculator desktop and mobile screenshot

Calculate expected returns from tax planning

Using our proprietary trust returns calculator, we'll give you a snapshot of the returns you might expect from our various tax-planning tools, including Charitable Trusts and QSBS Stacking.

Choose a strategy

Our decision engine will help make all of the tough calls simple: which assets to put into your trust, what format and length to choose, and how to design your distribution plan.

Screenshot of Valur quiz to help choose a tax mitigation strategy
Screenshot of Valur platform for automatically generating tax-advantaged trusts

Set up your tax-advantaged trust

Gone are the days when you'd wait weeks to hear from your lawyer or accountant about a critical financial or legal decision. You'll use our streamlined onboarding tools to generate a final, usable trust document, all on our platform, in minutes.

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Learn whether tax planning is right for you.

Get smart

There's a tax plan that makes sense for you. We'll help you find it.

We've seen it all, and we've put what we know down on paper. Check out our guides, which can show you how to maximize your wealth for the long term.



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What Our Clients Say

I knew I should be thinking about tax planning as my company grew, and it was stressing me out. Valur made it quick and simple.

Founder / Angel Investor
New York, NY
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