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Startup equity tax planning is tricky. Should you exercise your options? What are the implications of that secondary opportunity? How should you be planning for an IPO? We have the tools you need to make these critical decisions simple.

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It's no surprise: Tax mitigation isn't one size fits all. But there is a playbook, and we have strategies built for startup employees, no matter your circumstances.

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Preparing for an exit?
A Charitable Remainder Trust is a tax-exempt account a lot like an IRA. Sell your shares in the trust, defer your taxes for decades, re-invest your savings, watch your money grow (by an additional 50% or more compared to a taxable account), and access liquidity when you need it.
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Unexercised options?
Charitable Remainder Trusts work if you expect the value of your shares to grow substantially after you exercise. But what if you haven't exercised yet? Not to worry -- a Charitable Lead Annuity Trust can earn you a massive tax deduction and additional long-term returns of 50% or more.
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Already sold your shares?
You exercised your options when it made sense, your company reached the exit, and you decided to cash out. Fortunately, it's never too late for tax mitigation. A Charitable Lead Annuity Trust can earn you additional returns of 50% or more even if you've already sold your shares.
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Valur works with founders, employees, and investors to craft a comprehensive tax plan that will help preserve more of your big exit, carry, and other gains.

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We’re the only providers of startup-focused, technology-first tax planning tools. Navigating option exercise, secondaries, or a startup exit is complicated. We have the tools and resources you need to choose your next move.

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How we work

A technology-first approach to tax mitigation

Get educated
Tax planning can seem complicated, but we've made it easy. Study in our learning center, the deepest set of founder-focused materials around.
You choose a strategy
Our decision engine removes the guesswork: See the most common tools for people like you and the data you need to make your choice.
See the gains
Use our customizable calculators to compare the tax-mitigation tools we offer and see what the benefits might be in your situation.
We execute
Our streamlined tools replace the lawyers and accountants. We'll help you go from idea to execution in minutes, all on our platform.
Tech-driven administration
There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes to maintain your trust and your tax-exempt status, and we'll handle it all.
Personalized investment
Next, we'll work with you to craft an investment strategy that is as simple or as complex as you want. We'll be at your side, but you're in control.

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