Reduce your capital gains taxes with a Charitable Remainder Trust






Take advantage of the best tax structure available for most people who haven't sold their assets yet: the Charitable Remainder Trust.

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Tried and true

Charitable remainder trusts are particularly suited for appreciated property because any capital gains tax will be deferred until the time that it is distributed out to the income beneficiary.

- Schwab Charitable Strategies Group (Aug. 4, 2020)

The benefits

Keep more of your hard-earned capital gains with a CRUT

A Charitable Remainder Trust is a tax-exempt account that can protect your earnings from capital gains taxes. With a tax-efficient CRUT, you could take home double the profits (or more) over time.

Like an IRA or 401(k), a CRUT allows you to defer your state and federal capital gains taxes when you sell an appreciated asset, like company equity, a small business, or real estate. CRUT overview ->
Work with us when you're ready. Whether time is of the essence or you're planning for a big exit years in the future, we can help you get started today, at no cost and with no commitment. How we work ->
Choose the trust term that works for you, include the beneficiaries you want, and invest in virtually any assets you want. Flexible CRUT strategy ->
There's no limit on contributions to a Charitable Remainder Trust, so you can protect as much or as little as you want.
You're not the only one who wins with a CRUT. After you've cashed out your additional earnings, whatever is left in the trust will go to the charity of your choice.

See the returns

Our clients have earned an extra 45%, on average, with Charitable Remainder Trusts

Enter a few data points and see the potential additional gains from a CRUT. The tool is customizable, too, so you can tell us more about your family and liquidity needs to get an even more accurate picture.


Simple approach

We win if you win

No up-front cost
Because we've automated the process of forming a tax-advantaged trust, we can set up your account for free, and we only start charging if you decide to move your assets in.
We make money if you do
Our interests are aligned: You'll also pay us 0.25% of the value of your trust assets every year, so our earnings only go up only if ours do. We're working for you.
Minimal fixed fees
Once you move assets into your trust, we charge a reasonable, fixed fee to cover the costs of administration, like annual filings, accounting, and asset custody.

How it works

We make implementation simple

Evaluate the strategy
Use our calculator to see the returns from wealth planning with a CRUT.
Choose a trust
Our decision tools can guide you to the right trust format for your family.
Arrange affairs
We'll handle the administration so your assets end up in the right place.
Defer taxes
Pay no capital gains taxes when you sell your appreciated assets.
Cash out
Receive an annual distribution (or defer payment and watch your money grow faster).
Be charitable
At the end of your trust's term, whatever you haven't withdrawn goes to charity.

Learn whether tax planning is right for you.

Simple pricing

No up-front cost. No commitment.

Sign up now, set up your tax-advantaged account, and start using it when you're ready. Our fees are straightforward: Pay nothing until you move assets into your trust. Then it starts at $1,500 + 0.25% per year.


✅ Completed documents to establish your tax-advantaged trust

✅ Fast transfer of assets for immediate tax benefits

✅ Seamless management (trust filings, tax documents)

✅ Ongoing review of account for new tax advantaged opportunities

✅ Tailored financial advising to maximize long-term growth

✅ Access to lending and other tools to maximize flexibility

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